Momma, You Are Appreciated

Momma, when was the last time you felt appreciated?

The last time you were thanked? And truly thanked? Not the, “Now, what do you say?” And in response because you’re teaching them manners you get a “Thank you.”

When was the last time you were given credit for, well, pretty much anything?

The saying goes:

Motherhood is a thankless job.


The job we do? Our little bosses?  We don’t get a bonus for outstanding performance. We don’t get recognition or pats on the back or promotions.

Sometimes our job can feel like the small print on the bottom of a cereal box:

Please contact with comments or questions at 1-800-…-….

A.K.A. The complaints department.

But, do you want to know why you are appreciated?

Honestly. I know for a fact that your family appreciates you.

Those littles complaining and tantruming and crying appreciate you. Those bigs complaining and giving attitude no matter what you say and pushing you to your breaking point appreciate you.

Don’t believe me?

Okay, the next time someone in your house asks you to do something… which will be any second… wait for it… wait for it… okay, now that they asked… say no.

“No, Momma’s not going to do that today.”

Let me guess. You are now dealing with a tantrum, an eye roll, a slammed door, or a I can’t believe you JUST said that look.

We Momma’s aren’t just the complaints department, even if most days feel that way.

We are:

CEOs of our household

Personal Chefs



In-home nurses

Family therapists




Personal Assistants

Hair Stylists


Baby Whisperers

And more… so, so many more.

We think appreciation looks like a heart felt thank you, or an I appreciate everything you do and I don’t know what we would do without you, or a surprise gift.

And although we all love when we feel seen and appreciated and heard, this isn’t always what appreciation looks like.

Sometimes, appreciation looks like a family sitting around the dinner table eating a meal you cooked. Or a happy toddler when you found their lost toy. Or an infant who stops crying because you knew exactly what they needed. Or an excited smile when you walk into your littles classroom to help for the day. Or little arms around your neck after you’ve kissed a boo boo. Or a sweet, embarrassed smile when you cheer on your little during their soccer game. Or the head on your shoulder and I love you, Momma when you’re reading a bedtime story. Or the light in their eyes and smirk on their lips when they get their way. Or the way they look back at you one last time while they are walking onto the bus or into school.

Momma, you are irreplaceable. You know exactly how tight the diaper needs to be so it doesn’t leak. You know how much your little one can eat before they get a belly ache. You know which shape to cut which sandwich for which kid. You know exactly which battles to choose with your toddler. You know how to bounce and rock and hush and hum and walk a baby back to sleep in the middle of the night. You just know.

Their full bellies after they’ve eaten, is appreciation.

Their snuggle into the crease of your neck after they got hurt, is appreciation.

Their Momma, where’s my coat? Momma, where’s my book? Momma, where’s my baby? Momma, where’s my shoes? is appreciation. They know you know. They know you’re the knower of all things. You’re Mom! And you are appreciated for all that you do. Even if they don’t say it. Even if they don’t act like it.

And although our door is always open for recognition and appreciation (seriously, 24/7, open at all hours, whenever you feel the need), we Mommas don’t do what we do for the pat on the back, do we?

We do it because we are nurturers. We do it because we are strong. We do it because we love our families without conditions or limits.

The next time you feel like you need that pat on the back… or “you are supermom”… or you want to shout, “can anyone please stop taking me for granted”… I want you to take a good look around and see all that is good, because of you.



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  1. Argell Sednaoui

    You are right, moms are everything and irreplaceable. Sometimes moms are also dads and for me that’s so encouraginf to see how they do everything and anything for us, their children. Awesome post.

  2. Lizelle Cruz

    Really love this article! Shows how much moms are so valuable and important in our lives, and we can’t live without them!! Really want to make my mom feel special on Mother’s Day…do you have any ideas?

  3. alison

    That was a beautiful tribute to moms and a great way of thinking. I love being a mom and can’t imagine every day without zillions of questions! 🙂

  4. Jessie

    What a beautiful post! Made me appreciate my mom more. She’s truly a superhero. I have to thank her more. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! 🙂

  5. Amy Scott

    “Little bosses”, the truth in that made me smile. I don’t have kids yet but did unintentionally start a debate about this once. I said that motherhood is thankless. It’s hard work and Moms are superheroes! All you do all day has an emotional toll as well as a physical one. It takes a strong person to be able to recognize the small things that are your thanks and push on to another day where you may not be as appreciated.

  6. Tiina A

    That is so true! Mothers are unbelievable – they are always there to help and support. I really have to thank my mom – it’s so easy to take it for granted.

  7. Jenn M

    Thank you for this post. With me working, being a mommy of two little ones and dealing with life, sometimes we need to hear words of encouragement from someone else.

  8. Sara

    Such a beautiful and touching post. Mom’s are irreplaceable. No matter how many times I’ve messed up, my mom always supports me. I don’t know what I’d do without my little momma.

  9. Joanna

    That is a very nice post you have wrote about your Mom. In my country Mother’s Day is in March. I don’t have children so I can’t identify with the things you have wrote, but I understand how important and how much of a challenge every day is in raising a child.

  10. Florence

    Yes, Yes, Yes! Beautiful, inspiring and powerful post! My mum is my model… I really hope I’ll be like her and like all the mum in this world

  11. Eloise

    yes, I agree with every part of this post! We do so much for little in return. And while we can feel unappreciated, deep down we know we are loved, appreciated, and irreplaceable. great post!

  12. Beth | Adventuring the Great Wide Somewhere

    I love this post! It’s so sweet, and something that I hope we never forget. My poor mom had EIGHT kids, and she used to put up with so much crap from us. Just the usual whining and slamming doors and expecting her to be there for us regardless…and she was there for us. I’m tempted to send this over to her now and say thank you, thank you for the millionth time. <3

  13. rachel smith

    This was beautiful to read. Sometimes the little things really do get lost among mummy duties. The next time any of these things happen with my daughter im going to think back to this post xx


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